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LMG Marketing's Group Information Management System (GIMS) consolidates supplier withdrawal data and provides clients with clean, precise business information for the liquor industry.

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GIMS offers an easily accessible, simple and efficient reporting system for your business. We can provide the best data in the marketplace because we have the latest technology as well as extensive industry experience. And it's all available 24 hours a day via our secure Client Login.

The LMG Marketing Information Management System provides 4 distinct business-reporting levels:

  1. Group analysis (Group Information Management System - GIMS)
  2. Supplier reviews (Supplier Business Reviews - SBR)
  3. Venue performance (Venue Business Reviews - VBR)
  4. State and Volume Rebate Reports (SR and VRR)

We understand that good data is invaluable and inaccurate data is unusable, so we can build a reporting system for your specific needs. Our internal processes to acquire, clean, store and report on data are efficient, cost-effective and accountable.

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Liquorfile is an LMG Marketing product offering a comprehensive catalogue of liquor products all linked to their associated scan codes and numerous supplier item codes.

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Liquorfile is a Liquor Product Catalogue and includes all information required to populate any Point of Sale System, it also provides the foundation for capturing, consolidating and reporting your data needs. LMG Marketing is committed to regularly updating this catalogue. All you have to do is click a button and your own system will be updated instantly.

Liquorfile is designed to reduce the tiresome task of establishing and maintaining your stock file when implementing and managing a computerised Point of Sale System. The Liquorfile product book has been seamlessly integrated into most major hospitality back office stock control systems and operates as an electronic catalogue updating their active inventory system. Liquorfile is GS1 compliant and LMG Marketing regularly updates GS1 barcodes to the Liquorfile Product Catalogue.

This catalogue gives you the freedom to purchase products from any supplier because it will supply order codes per product for a range of different suppliers.

Access to the latest copy of Liquorfile is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year via the Liquorfile web site at www.liquorfile.com.au.

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Liquology is a data management tool that provides on and off premise product sales analysis previously unavailable within the hospitality and liquor industries. The Liquology process combines multiple venues with differing POS Systems and produces accurate and concise data analysis.

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Liquology, when used with Liquorfile, is able to provide powerful reporting that can assist you in analysing on-premise and off-premise sales information. Liquology is able to source, maintain, merge and report on all the collected scan data. All your files remain fully confidential, anonymous and accessible 24 hours a day via our Client Login.

The process initiated by Liquology enables you to review and plan your business effectively. You will have the following information at your fingertips;

  • first hand knowledge on saleability of new products;
  • important information that could help on product negotiations with suppliers;
  • data analysis that can measure the success of promotions; and
  • data that could preserve, protect and improve your bottom line.

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LMG Marketing manages a Supplier Information Management System (SIMS), providing liquor suppliers with concise, informative and simple reporting from all warehouses nationally.

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The Supplier Information Management Systems is designed to provide Liquor suppliers with accurate, relevant and precise data delivered on a weekly and/or monthly basis. Data is provided by warehouses (nominated by suppliers) and SIMS processes this data, providing clients with simple, easy to read reports or standardised exports of data. These reports/exports can be tailored on either a national or state by state basis, depending on your marketing requirements.

Suppliers can manage geographical allocations to ensure that reporting reflects the territories controlled by their representatives.

LMG Marketing understands the importance of accurate data delivered in a timely manner. The processes used to achieve this have been developed, maintained and enhanced over many years to ensure that the finished product delivered to our customers is of the highest standard.

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Software Development Solutions

Software solutions developed by LMG Marketing incorporate custom features necessary to address your specific business needs.

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While generic/shrink wrapped software applications provide a general solution, they lack the key features which are needed to meet the unique requirements of your business.

Our knowledge of software design and development means we can tailor software applications to meet your specific requirements. These applications are professionally written by our IT development team with a keen focus on user interface, simplicity and cost effectiveness. If you're looking for a smart and reliable software development company please

LMG Marketing products and services help your business run as efficiently as possible. Our team works with you each step of the way.