LMG Marketing is fully owned and managed by Leith McGregor and John Bruzzaniti, who are well respected within the hospitality and liquor industries in which they have both worked for more than twenty years. There is a dedicated team of people, each with their own area of expertise, who work to complement Leith and John's planning, administrative and communication skills.

The company was established in 1997 providing consulting services to the hospitality industry. In 2001 the business expanded to include data management services to independent buyers and hotel chains. By 2006 LMG Marketing began supplying data warehouse solutions to suppliers in the liquor Industry. In 2009 LMG Marketing expanded their IT department and now provides software development and support services to customers in various industries. The information collected from these services can be easily used for the implementation of business marketing strategies.

The staff at LMG Marketing offer extensive product knowledge and understanding of the marketplace, enabling the delivery of a relevant service, on time.
LMG Marketing can offer a tailor-made service, designed to improve your business.

LMG Marketing is perfectly poised to provide complex data management services targeting all levels of the hospitality and liquor sector.

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